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3 things you must not ignore while designing 3D model for printing

3D modeling can be really confusing, especially when it is for printing. The solutions for different requirements are never the same. The software used, materials for printing and even printers differ based on the needs.

Designing a perfect model demands you to take care of many factors. More important is being aware of certain things you must not ignore. Let us see three of the most critical among them.

1. Never ignore material guidelines

Printing materials vary a lot in many aspects. They may be strong or delicate, compact or flexible, uneven or smooth and light or heavy etc. So, the design has to be done in such a way that it perfectly suits the nature of the concerned material. Suppose you have to print the design on a ceramic material, there are certain recommendations that have to be considered and best companies offering the related services never ignore this tip. Your choice predetermines the design guidelines to be followed.

2. Never ignore printing technologies

The printing technology best for a specific material may be the worst for another one. When it comes to ABS, professional service providers proceed with Fused Deposition Modeling and in the case of rubberlike materials like Polyamide, they use Selective Laser Sintering. Ideal technology for precious metals is wax casting. Understanding these is vital for appropriate designing.

3. Never ignore software guidelines

This is one of the most crucial tips. Different software programs are used by professional companies availing 3D modeling services. The software you use can seriously influence the perfection of your services. Based on the software, you may have to join shells together, models may have to be made impermeable and application of wall thickness may be needed.

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