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3 top sculpting apps that every 3D artist must master

What separates the best 3D sculpting company from the rest is obviously the skilled resource pool it houses. But no matter how much talented the professionals are, they need best 3D sculpting apps to assure excellence in the services offered.

Some highly preferred apps by 3D artists are below explained:

  1. ZBrush

Initially it arrived as a normal 2.5D painting app enabling artists to add details and paint objects on canvas that is clay-like. ZBrush then evolved rapidly as a popular app replacing the earlier technique of using pixels with polygons. This helps the users to add needed details to the meshes or create objects right from the scratch.

It has a very influential interface but it is unconventional making the learning curve really steep. Though updates are regularly made and new features keep on getting added, it is highly preferred by the expert artists offering 3D sculpting services.

  1. Mudbox

The app that was developed by experts behind The Lord of the Rings was released officially in 2007. Autodesk acquired it in the same year. Though it never falls behind ZBrush in any aspect, the app takes a traditional approach towards sculpting.

The newest release got equipped with some great retopolgy and symmetry tools. It obviously has exceptional interoperability with Maya and supports multi-tile UV mapping and P-tex texturing techniques.

  1. Cinema 4D

The latest version of Cinema 4D features an innovative sculpting model and more advanced options for symmetry. It arrives with a wide range of stamps, stencils and brushes for incorporating even the minutest of details.

Features like mesh projection and mirroring etc. helps you in re-topologising by transferring the high resolution sculpted details on a low resolution poly mesh.

There are few more apps which we will present in our upcoming posts. Stay in touch with us for all relevant updates and information about the entire 3D domain.

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