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Basic 3D terminologies that you should know- Part 1

Even if you are not a professional service provider offering 3D modelling services, there are certain basic terminologies that you should be acquainted with, if you are in any way related to creative domain. Let’s have a glance of some most common terminologies.

Polygon geometry

Polygons are in fact the widely used type of geometry by outsourcing companies offering 3d design services in India. However for creating smoother surfaces, you will have to add more geometries unlike in case of subdivision or NURBS surfaces.

NURBS surfaces

NURBS when expanded Non Uniform Rational B Spline are used when the requirement is to create more smooth objects as not many points are needed as in case of the polygon geometry used by the designing experts. For NURBS surface, there are four sides defined by specific control points.

Subdivision surfaces

Subdivision surfaces, sometimes also called NURMS or Non Uniform Rational Mesh Smooth resemblespolygonal geometry. An algorithm is used by this for taking polygon geometry and smoothing it automatically. To be more precise, subdivision surface showcases properties of a blend of NURBS and polygon geometry.


The basic and perhaps the most important part of three dimensional polygons are faces. When minimum three edges or more are connected in closed shape, the empty space forms faces. These are areas that get the covering material on them. On a polygon model, vertex is the tiniest component. Points in 3D spaces are called vertices and they define edges at their finishing points.


Topology defines the way different components are connected with each other. In other words, topology is the type of vertices and polygon faces as well the flow of edges.

There are certain more terminologies which we will describe in our next post. Having extensive experience as an outsourcing Indian company offering 3D design services, you can surely educate yourself with most interesting, relevant and updated information with us. Stay in touch!