Basic 3d terminologies

3D modeling terms for beginners – Part 2

In the previous blog post, we discussed some basic terminologies about which everyone associated with creative fields must be aware of. Now let’s have a glance on the remaining.


Made of three edges or sides joined by three vertices, triangle is the basic form of polygon. Most of the times, this polygon type is avoided when it comes to 3D modelling. The reason for this is that while the creation of complex meshes, triangle can create many issues.


Quad is made of four edges or sides that are joined by four vertices. It is ideal for 3D modelling and a lot of outsourcing companies in India rely on this. Quads see to it that the mesh enjoys a clean topology and the model deforms properly when animation is done.


N-gon is made of 5 or even more edges orsides connected either by 5 or additional vertices. It is normally avoided by experienced outsourcing Indian companies as it can be problematic during rendering, texturing and deforming.


Extruding is a way to create extra geometry on your mesh. The command- ‘extrude’ helps you in pulling out additional geometry from the required face, vertex or edge. The expert Indian outsourcing companies effectively edit and manipulate these intrusions just like other mesh parts.

Edge Loop

Edge Loop is a sequence of edges that are connected across an overlay creating a loop. This is used by professional 3D modelling companies to maintain hard edges and also in case of extra organic models.


Beveling is the procedure of creating round edges on the mesh. It expands each edge andvertex into a novel face. Object not so commonly have hard edges in the actual world. So, bevelling is used by the service providers for minimising computer generated appearance whenever needed.

Pivot point

Pivot point can be defined as that point on a 3D object where any activities such as moves, rotation or scale you perform will take place from. This point can easily be shiftedto any spot on the concerned model.

Some other terminologies that you may need to know about include normal, instances, construction history, sculpting etc.

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