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Five 3D modelling applications that every artist must be acquainted of-Part 1

Three dimensional modelling finds a lot of applications in diverse verticals. But the process is not that simple and a certain level of expertise is mandatory. This is the reason why people prefer outsourcing 3D modelling services to India. You can easily find any of the best 3D modelling companies in India for outsourcing your requirements by doing a little bit of research.

3D artists should be creative and technically sound people; they should keep themselves equipped with comprehensive understanding about different applications that enables them to make available great quality 3D modelling services.

Five among the most widely used applications are enumerated below.

Art of Illusion

The open source, free application highlights include- modelling tools based on subdivision surface and animation based on Skelton. For designing the procedural textures as well as materials, there is a graphical language. It has various tools that can be used even by an amateur to arrive at the intended results.


This application is used by many professional companies in India mainly for modelling and in the creation of 3D interactive applications. Other functionalities are UV unwrapping, rigging, rendering, skinning, compositing, non-linear editing, particle and several other simulations. This multi-purpose application has always remained as one of the most sought out and admired applications by a large section of 3D artists.


K-3D is really a powerful and versatile package that features a procedural engine that is plugin-oriented for its content. It is one of the best options for polygonal modelling and is a favourite option for many Indian companies. The basic tools which it has are for animations and curves, patches and NURBS.


ZModeler, when expanded Zanoza Modeler is suited for those who are indulged in modelling computer games. The application is preferred by many Indian outsourcing companies offering these services as it is capable of intricate modelling. But the downside is that it doesn’t not have certain modelling functions like bevelling and extruding. Still it serves almost all the desired purposes with consummate ease.


For those offering 3D modelling services specifically in game developing, this is really a great option. For making and modding games, this powerful application is ideal. Using this application casual games, flash based 3D games and even next generation games can be easily modelled.

There are a lot more applications used by typical Indian outsourcing companies providing these services. Keep on reading our posts and your suggestions for bettering ourselves would always be appreciated. We try to offer most genuine and valuable information.