3d product modeling services

Inevitability of 3D modelling in product design

Selling via online store is the best thing you can do in the current era of digitization. However, there is one serious shortcoming. Customers fail to get direct experience with the product. This adversely affect the final buying decision. Adequate usage of 3D modeling services can be of huge help and avails the prospects with a close enough experience.

Inclusions in 3D modeling

360 degree view

You get only a single view with 3D. Even if you try snapping from different angles, there are always limitations. However with three dimensional presentation, 360 degree views can be obtained and manufacturers can present entire details precisely. Colour tones, packaging, dimensions, contours and product’s visual aspects are just a few to mention.


Product prototyping helps immensely. Using 3D, different views can be obtained and varied dimensions of product including height, width and depth based on a general scale can be understood.


Several software programs are there by which manufacturers exhibit their products together with real-world scales. Picture a backpack. It can be compared to a person’s height.


Visual significance elevates a lot with animation. It displays how products works and the tasks they can perform. Thus, customers are able to comprehend with more clarity. An expert 3d product modeling company can add life to the screen. High end commercial animations to normal product shoots can be done.  With three dimensional animations, exact idea can be communicated to whole elements of hierarchy- developers, managers, customers and everyone related.


When you implement 3d modeling in product design, the saleability increases. People trust and get excited by three dimensional presentations. They consider three dimensional representations as a more professional approach.

More creativity

You can add more inventiveness by leveraging the potential of 3D. Many barriers are taken off and you can work the way you think appropriate. This can be of great benefit for the marketers.

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