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3D Sculpting: Tips to speed up your 3d model

Regardless of the application used, there are numerous techniques that can help you in carrying out the sculpting process swiftly and assuring enhanced quality output. Being a renowned name in the domain of 3D modeling, sculpting and in fact comprehensive 3D services, we keep on educating our readers with different tips, techniques and trends in the related scenario.

Here we are shedding light on some of the most supportive tips that can be of great help for any 3D modeling professional.

Creating the Silhouette

While creating a model, you need not always start with finest specifics. Starting with basic shapes is advisable and you should progress from there. This is how sculpting should also be done. Most relevant details such as proportions, forms and silhouettes should be taken care of firstly. Then move on to the finer details carefully. Rough base mesh enables in making significant changes without having to be concerned about the model. When it comes to defining forms, using bigger size brushes with a considerably lesser intensity will do well.

Using proper reference

Finding an apt reference image for the model you have in mind is the basic step you should perform so as to assure that sculpting is done successfully. By having a reference image, you can understand the anatomy of a character in more detail. Using images assists you in coming up with better texture ideas for fine wrinkles and scales. Most companies indulged in 3D modeling services use reference images.

Focus specifically

Unprofessional service providers while 3D sculpting shuns away from focusing one area at a time; they simply jump around the model. This is a bad idea, especially when you are adding finer details. Sculpting a portion till you find it perfect and then moving on to the next section will assure great quality and originality in your works.

Symmetry mode helps

For any service provider offering 3D services, symmetry feature is a real boon. The work done on one side gets replicated on the other side also. Besides assuring speediness, this, in addition, sees to it that symmetry is maintained faultlessly. However while working on finer details such as skin textures and wrinkles, avoid using symmetry mode.

Considering the above tips with due respect can obviously benefit companies offering 3D services. Keep reading our blog posts and we guarantee that the time spent with us would really be worth.

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