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EBooks replacing paper books in educational institutions-a feasibility study

Digitization has overpowered print media much visibly and the trend is seen almost everywhere these days leaving behind no exceptions. Being one of the professional eBook conversion service providers in India we are getting a lot of inquiries from different industry verticals. Recently we are being approached from many schools and institutes for eBook conversion services. This prompted us to study the scenario in detail and the blog post deals with the findings we made.

  • A king part of schools prefer building digital libraries over book rental or subscription models.
  • Though this particular domain has just started embracing eBook conversion, a rapid and massive growth is expected soon.
  • District as well as school leaders have started seeking conversion technologies and tools capable of supporting learning instructions and services.
  • More than 90% of the respondents expect the increase in eBooks in next two years.
  • Nearly 60% have reported that only 10% of total books present in their schools are eBooks.
  • However 50% predict that in next two years at least 40% of books in their school will be in electronic version.

When it comes to library purchase model

  • 40% prefer purchasing eBooks in Library model where the texts are owned by schools and students are allowed to use books on their devices.
  • 15% are planning to implement a subscription fee from students to grant them access in the library.
  • 5% are looking forward to rent books in a time-limited single checkout per rental model.
  • 40% were not having enough information regarding the subject to express their preference or they were not in fact sure regarding what they wanted.

 As far as the student’s interest are concerned

  • Nearly 10% of students still prefer paper books
  • 50% are excited about digital books created from expert eBook conversion companies.
  • It was interesting to note that 40% of students were not even interested in expressing their preference.

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