Enhanced eBooks- The basics

Digitization has entirely transformed the way people comprehend an idea. Traditional books have now almost stepped aside for enhanced digital versions. Now what are these enhanced versions?

enhanced ebook conversion

In the simplest of words, enhanced eBooks are normal embedded with several interesting features such as interactivity and media. Enhancements earlier encountered a lot of limitations and they were confined only to a small section of applications and devices as the progress in this concerned domain was inconsistent.  But these days, you can find a lot of service providers who are adept in creating enhanced eBooks and EPUB3 formatting.

Before anything else, you must understand what is miscomprehended as enhancements. There are a lot of people who are not exactly aware of the concept. However another fact is that the way of defining enhanced electronic versions is not the same for all digital conversion services providers. Certain eBook conversion companies perceive embedded fonts, end notes and subject indexes as enhancements while for others these are the very basic features.

Electronic books should never be the mere digital versions for printed material. Therefore, basic properties like linking within and to outside of the books as well as attractive designs are the elementary features every electronic version must possess. Enhancement on the other hand are additional features that are capable of making digital versions more interactive, informative and interesting.

Audios and videos embedded are the most popular among the enhancements we use today. In case if you have any media content which is related to the content, you may incorporate it so that readers can access it. Before that, you must be acquainted with the fact that certain readings systems does not support embedded media. Some of them are second generation Kindle Fire & Fire HD tablets and all types of B & N Nook tablets. In the upcoming blog post, we will deal with each of these devices separately and extensively.

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