How HTML5 supersedes Flash when it comes to E-learning Course?

Technological advancements have always paved way for change in trends. The same has been reflected in e-learning industry.  Changes keep on happening and as of now HTML5 is highly preferred for developing e-learning courses. Let us see why it is soon replacing flash.

flash to html5 conversion

Increase in mobile phone users

With new mobiles reaching marketplace regularly, number of peoples using handheld devices for learning process has significantly increased. It is obvious that iPads and iPhone don’t support flash outputs. This is not the case with HTML5; hence flash to html5 conversion is in huge demand these days.

Ease of data storage offline

Data storage can be done offline and learners can immediately and easily access knowledge from anywhere and at any time. This is one of the many reasons why people these days convert flash websites and SWF files to html5.

Websites and applications development

It is doubtlessly the best tool for creation of mobile applications and websites. Web apps can be created that users can access from all mobile platforms.  Also such web applications can be deployed in an easier, quicker and cost-effective manner.

Content organization

The way content is organized is highly crucial. Using this, you can easily situate the content to flow in any pre-determined width you please. This allows you to adjust the content in light of the browser’s window size. This can be done via simple coding and a company offering conversion of Flash to HTML5 can easily help you with the same, if coding is not your cup of tea.

Some of the other advantages of HTML5 over Flash are amazing browser support, game development capabilities and the ease of design and development.  About the said, we will discuss in our future blog posts.

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