Top 4 platforms where you can sell eBooks online

There are a lot of things that you have to consider to make your eBooks get noticed and grabbed by the prospects. Please go through our previous blog posts and you can find a lot of information in this regard.

And now when it comes to selling your electronic books, it is not an easy proposition as far as the present scenario is concerned. Today we bring to you top 4 websites that can help you sell your eBooks like hot cakes.


With PAYHIP, hosting of your eBooks and their secure delivery to the customers can be easily facilitated.  Handling of payments is done via PayPal. Just upload your work and start selling. You can catalyze the sales by carrying out promotion activities in various social media websites.

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LULU houses a huge network of various retailers and your work reaches a wide range of readers including Barnes & Noble as well as iBookstore.  There is also a free guide which can assist you in creating book by yourself, though it is always better to rely on professional eBook formatting and conversion companies.eBook publishers


Kindle eReader platform is something that you should be aware of even before getting indulged in eBook formatting or conversion.  Amazon Kindle direct publishing expands the dimension of your reach; you become easily available to a huge crowd of electronic book users.

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SMASHWORDS is a platform publishing on which makes you accessible on a lot of stores including Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Diesel eBook Store, Sony Reader Store and Axis 360 etc. If you register here, you can enjoy free ISBNS along with conversions to nine different formats.

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There are a lot more platforms on which publishing can help you significantly. Read more about such eBook publishing platforms in our upcoming blogs. Your valuable feedbacks and comments are always welcome.

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