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5 Easily avoidable mistakes during typesetting

The type you choose is very crucial and it is in fact as important as the graphic elements you use and the message you communicate. Choosing the right type complements your efforts and in case if you fail in doing the same, it can break the entire project. Let us see some common mistakes that can be easily avoided by paying proper attention.

1. Small letters, Big headache

best font size for typography

An important aspect that must be considered while choosing the font size is the eyesight, reading capabilities and a perception level of your audience. If the printouts are to be delivered to an old age home then it is rubbish to do it in 8” or 7” size.  Size selections play an important part and hence wisely choose the font size to cater the needs of your audience.

2. Don’t over or under stretch letters

typesetting rules for publishing

The practical aspect of reading is lost if the letters are too tight or loose. The purpose of writing a document is not to fill in the specified space or paper in a printouts case but to deliver the content to a targeted group. In doing so it is imperative to focus on not losing the grip between words. Expert companies offering book typesetting services master this.

3. Improper usage of italics and underlines


Italics are not meant to be used where you find they aesthetically fit. It finds itself useful to highlight important facts in a minimal manner. Setting a much larger portion in Italics causes the reader to lose the flow. As it is told, less is always best.

4. Improper font usage

best fonts for typesetting

Font is the most important element to consider while we are modifying type. Terribly decorated fonts can completely spoil the authentic look of your message. Contents are meant to be read out not expressed. This must be kept in mind while setting fonts.

5. Poor orientation of elements

elements of typesetting

Newer age specialist service providers focus a lot on inserting pictures and video clips to emphasize the topic but in doing so they are actually overdoing it. Orientation plays an important role, as the content which is inserted must be properly adapted to match the text. If so, that will increase the reading pleasure.

Next time while you are ready to create a professional document keep these simple rules in mind to avoid any starting troubles. There are a lot of typesetting companies offering professional typesetting services for the required individuals and business entities. Be careful while choosing a partner for you to get the best results.

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