best scrolling techniques

3 scrolling techniques that business websites embraced

Trends and techniques have always kept on evolving in the domain of website designs. Large and small businesses who keep on tweaking their style accordingly benefit a lot.  2015 witnessed many innovative ideas and one among the most noted was that of various long scrolling techniques tried by many web designing companies.

What actually is long scrolling?

This normally has a large home page and it gets linked to other lesser sized pages. Sometimes, the whole site may be restricted to a single page.  With this, creative storytelling can be facilitated, simple navigation can be implemented and more interactions can be initiated. Moreover, visitors tend to stay longer. It is ideal for responsive web designs as touch controls work wonderfully.

Let us scrutinize most popular among the different long scrolling techniques.

  • Parallax scrolling

This type of long scrolling trend is popular in the video game industry. In the context of small website design, parallax scrolling represents different background layers moving with varying speeds. This pave way for a 3D effect, thus making the visuals more attractive.

  • Atypical direction

Here in this type, sites stick on with the option of scrolling down. In other words, such sites can concurrently set themselves apart even while enjoying the benefits of scrolling up, right or left. The only thing is that you have to assure its compatibility with the content’s nature.

  • Screen as pages

For improving orientation, this helps in setting separately different screens as in case with the pages. You can section off every new screen with distinct style, background or typography etc. for clearly dividing a long single page into multiple sections.

Some of the other web design trends now involved incorporation of animations and info graphics. We via our blog posts share vital, interesting and trending topics in the niche of website design and development. Keep reading!