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3D Rendering : 7 Best software for Windows

Some of the best 3d rendering software programs in the business do come at a price tag but offer extended functionality and features. However, the price tag is often too demanding for amateur designers. Below furnished is a list of three-dimensional renderers which are free for private use.

1. View3dscene

Feature rich, intuitive and free- this is what the software offers for its users. It is one of the best software that is out in the market for the purpose. Also, it can easily import wrl, obj, dae and other file formats thus making it an excellent software for amateurs.

2. 3dview

You can work on virtually any three-dimensional model file format using this. The software supports most of the popular formats and can also deal with solid and wireframe shapes. It also helps to rotate the image which is an added advantage.

3. Crafty

Crafty is an intuitive tool which is free and provides rendering details of the object it worked on. The installer is too light that you can use it as a portable version.

4. Blender

One cannot opt out of Blender when it comes to rendering of models. Blender is an all in one tool for animating, modeling and rendering purposes. Blender is so popular that most of the professional designers depend on its power for creating fine models.

5. Open FX designer

Open FX bundle provides many gimmicks among which the designer is the highlight. It features an easy interface and cool effects for professionals also. Its code is open source and allows multi-outputs. Open FX Designer is widely used by companies that provide 3D architectural rendering services.

6. STL Viewer

Many designers find it hard to work with RSM and STL files just because tools for the same are not easily available. STL Viewer is a one-stop tool for all your conversion requirements. It features an excellent 1mb installation and lets you customize its appearance.

7. Frog 3d

The only limitation of this tool is that it can be used in case of three-dimensional files only. Solid and wire frame shapes go easily with the software. It takes nearly 2 MB of disk space and is available in Linux also. It is one of the best free 3d rendering software for Windows.

Smart Tips to Choose Appropriate 3D Rendering Tools

You should ask yourself the following questions while trying to understand what type of 3D rendering software would best suit your needs:

  • What kind of visualization am I looking to create?

    The type of software that you need would vary from one project to the other. For example, you need different programs for game development, product marketing, and architectural visualization. There are specialized programs that are designed to generate specific outcomes for specific industries.

  • What process should I adopt?

    The process to produce and finetune your computer generated imagery (CGI) is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the entire workflow. You can use Lumion 3D, for example, to see changes in real time as you revise the rendered outcomes.

  • What is my initial idea about rendering software?

    What’s your initial exposure to 3D rendering programs? Some programs are typically complex than the other programs. For example, if you are a beginner, you may find it immensely difficult to use complex programs such as VRAY. As a beginner, you should choose software that best suits your current skill level.

Those who are adept in animating and modeling figures will find it easy to handle these nifty tools. However, if you find it hard to get desired results using free tools you can always ask for help from professional 3D rendering companies.

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