digital illustration techniques

5 ground breaking tips for digital illustrations

Unleashing ones creative potential is facilitated with more ease nowadays thanks to advanced digital illustration technology and guides. Digital illustration in Photoshop is not an unfamiliar topic for anyone. Let us see those 5 tips that can guide you towards outcomes above reproach.

  1. Start with a tablet

It is almost impossible to draw using an optical or laser mouse. The precision that is provided by it will not match the clarity and perfection that a tablet provides. A pen tablet helps making drawings easier. There are a number of brands that comes with various prices and features. Make sure you select the best one that suits your needs.

  1. Have a clear planning

A perfect piece of art requires some hard work and there has to be a definitive plan. It has to work out to bring that picture into life. Ideas and compositions create a mix of colors on the palette or paper. So it is better to create that ideas and let them work out.

  1. Understanding tools

Brushes! What else comes to mind when selecting tools for an artist? Brushes come in a variety of size and shape and they are suitable for a variety of purposes. Be very selective and have your favorite ones ready while drawing. It is one of the most important digital illustration tips.

  1. Understanding and referencing

Mistakes will help you to be better with your art pieces. It is appreciable if you can spend some time to do a research about the topic. Enough observation regarding color, light and shadows will help professional artists. Try to draw photos from memory and use the referencing trick to the fullest extent whenever possible. Mental calculations and references are appreciable but always keep physical backups in case they are required.

  1. Adjusting Layers

Layering is a lifesaving tip for amateur artists. The reason is that there are a number of tricks like gradient maps and color balances which take the illustration out of range. If something goes wrong or doesn’t fit the place, layers will help you remove it. Layer manipulation is extensively used by graphic design and illustration services providers.

Above all the golden tip however is to keep on practicing till you achieve a state where your mind feels that there is no need to better. Graphic art software programs like Photoshop help you immensely. Illustration services firms offer excellent service in the graphic design and illustration domain.

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