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List of best 3d sculpting software for 3D artist – Part 1

Though it is the expertise of artists that determines the excellence of 3D sculpting services offered, the apps used by them plays a significant role. A lot of applications keep on emerging but there are certain apps that are being largely used by the best 3D sculpting companies in India. While outsourcing these services, inquire about the apps the concerned service provider is using. Some of the top apps that every 3D artist must be aware of are enumerated below.


Z Brush traces its origin back to 1999 as a tool with least functionalities and in course of time, it evolved as a great app. Using this tool, an artist can start his work from the scratch and if needed fine details can be added to the meshes created in other programs with ease. The tool is really powerful but the unconventional interface, as well as workflow, makes the learning curve steep.


The finished product was released in 2007 and follows the certain level of traditional approach. It looks and works like just any other three-dimensional application with familiar palettes, layer systems and menus. It has fully featured painting system and multi-resolution sculpting. The latest version released has great interoperability with Maya, multitile UV mapping and P-tex texturing technology.

Cinema 4D

The 2012 release of this tool caught attention with its novel sculpting module. It featured multi-resolution sculpting and had advanced options for symmetry. To add fine details, it offered the wide range of different brushes, stamps and stencils.   There is also mirroring as well as mesh projection. Recently announced the update, R16 adds furthermore features that enhanced the favouritism of this tool among the outsourcing service providers.

There are few more tools that are ideal for 3d sculpting about which we have discussed in our next post. Keep reading!