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List of best 3d sculpting software for 3D artist – Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed few of the most common tools used by best 3d sculpting companies in India. Here we bring to you some more tools highly preferred by the 3d outsourcing companies.


When released in 2007, MODO version 301 had a great sculpting tool-set. By this, it was possible to sculpt the meshes using a blend of mesh vertices management followed by vector displacement (image-based) maps for creating fine details.

Over the subsequent releases of this tool for 3d sculpting services, refinement of the system continued. MODO 501 arrived with multi-resolution sculpting and MODO 801 is equipped with the ability to pressure brush whacks to splines applied to mesh.


Contrary to other apps used by the outsourcing Indian companies, 3D COAT is associated with three-dimensional pixels or voxels. This avails the benefit that the user need not have to be concerned about underlying topology.

The user simply draws a volume and can add or geometry as he likes; the program will add voxels based on the need. Then the sculpted image gets converted into surface just like other apps. As the objects are built using triangles, the final model should be retopologised for creating a mesh that can be workable; the app has the really effective manual and automatic tools for the same. Besides, there are also all-inclusive tool-set for UV mapping as well as a great painting tool-set.


With version 2.43, BLENDER got equipped with sculpting tools. Here also the multi-resolution system works almost like Mudbox and ZBrush. Dynamic topology was added in version 2.66.

The shrewd system allows the user to add or remove geometry as per his wish. But the output generated will be a thickly triangulated mesh. You may thus have to spend time for retopologising it. The 3D sculpting by BLENDER is highly advanced and user-friendly.

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