advantages of using animation in advertising

Benefits of using computer animation in advertising industry

Animations are basically videos or film sequences that contain various kinds of images, drawn or even modeled. Their creation requires experience, expertise and enough insights as they are made by sequentially running together hundreds of separately photographed images. As technology developed, it really impacted the way animation was earlier carried out. With the introduction of digital animation, now computers are being used for creating animated videos. With the help of CGI or Computer-Generated Imagery, beautiful static and dynamic images are being generated.

Role of animation in advertising

Advantages of animation in advertising

All businesses have their own ways and methods of promoting their products. Statistics have always proven that video advertisements sell better. Video marketing includes moving picture and a lot of growth has been there in marketing via computer graphics in the recent years. Videos have become a more preferred mode of marketing because of the obvious reason that visuals are able to easily draw a customer than anything else. They tell stories in a humorous and thought-invoking fashion and convincingly talk about their product. At the end of the day, all that a business wants is a growing clientele and animations are exceptionally effective for the same.

It is fun to look at. It interests people of all ages. Animated videos are generally short and to the point, and as human attention span isn’t that great, it’s ideal. These short yet beautifully animated videos manage to keep the prospects interested for a relatively long time period when compared to other types of printed commercials. Animations put the product or the message intended and helps the viewer gain the needed insight into the product. Whenever computer graphics animation in advertising is used strategically, they do make a long-lasting impression. The best thing about animations is that they are versatile. It is a craft that can be structured in a way that it could either target all audience of all age groups or can even target a specific one. Computer graphics is used in various ways like animation advertisements, character animation, animated information, 2D and 3D animation etc.

There are so many benefits of animation in advertising. The positive effects of animation have been mentioned below:

  • It is a powerful tool for marketing. When an animation is released, it can literally be viewed 24/7. They are no time caps on them. They can be shared with your friends, posted to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as well. So, you are making a one-time investment and it pays for itself numerous times.
  • Video watching is one of the most common activities that people do when they are online, be it professionals in the business or others who might be your potential customers. With the help of a well-written script and good cost effective animation, you will be able to connect with your potential customers in a better way.
  • Videos are a good way to put across relevant information of the product as videos help to do so in an easier and interesting way. With a powerful CGI animation making, customers generally do not have many unanswered questions left. The mark of an animation with a good content is that it is able to state the product’s vital information, highlight the positives and present the product in an attractive fashion, making the customer want to buy it.
  • It helps you improve your online presence. When a well-structured SEO campaign is set up to help boost the potential of a marketing video, it starts getting a better ranking under the chosen keywords and hence, ends up attracting more traffic towards it that could be your potential customers.
  • It helps in creating a personal brand which is yet again one of the main advantages of animation in advertising. It is a fact that, computer graphics you in promoting your brand in a creative and unique way. When simulations manage to engage the emotional chords of potential customers, they start to associate themselves with the animation. Over time, these are the people who turn into loyal customers.
  • Contrary to what you might think, animatronics is cheaper than normal TV advertisements. This is because getting graphic designers and motion and sound specialists are economical than hiring actors, renting a set and video shooting equipment. There are several ways to build a good cartoon clip without unnecessary expenses.

When the visuals by professional animation production companies are impressive and communicative, a good animated video takes shape that is capable of creating a global impact.

What more can be business want? If you have any further queries regarding importance of animation in business, let us explain. Reach us anytime.

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