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5 Best open source software for data archiving solutions

Open-source software in shortest of words avails free distribution and complete accessibility to the source code. Also, it offers free license distribution and derived works. There is no preference for any person or group and above all, it does not impose any restrictions on the existing software.

Proprietary software, on the other hand, is not offered free of cost most of the times. This blog puts light on some of the most popular open source software for digital archiving which a majority of service providers prefer for data and document archiving.

  • Collection Space

Collection Space as the name itself suggests is a collections managing system preferred by many historical societies, museums and other similar collection-holding administrations. The software should be installed by an expert systems engineer so that it gets implemented perfectly.

  • CollectiveAccess

This is a web-based cataloging tool used for digital collections. It is of configuring nature and hence does not need any type of customer programming.

  • DSpace

DSpace helps in content sharing for digital storehouses. It also likes many other OSS demands you to seek the assistance of expert professionals for adequate implementation.

  • Greenstone

Greenstone is a multi-lingual software with a document specifying how to use it.  This data source can be very helpful but it is devoid of any information regarding the setting up of the server for accommodating Greenstone.

  • Fedora

Fedora serves as one of the best options for keeping, handling and retrieving digital data and documents.  This, however, requires an exceptional level of programming skills for implementation.

Besides the above mentioned, there is a lot other open source document archiving software used by professional companies offering digital archiving services.

You can stay updated on the latest news and software by following our blog. Rather than confining ourselves as a digital archiving service provider, we try to share our humble views with all those who are keen to explore more in the related domain.

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