benefits of typesetting services

Brief on Typesetting services offered by Indian companies

Most of the book typesetting services companies in India emphasize on providing maximum possible offerings in the related niche. The services from a typical company in India are not just confined to any single aspect of book typesetting but it often takes in charge of all related functions. Normally the team deals with simple texts to intricate chemistry as well as mathematics for journals and books.

Those who benefit from services of typesetting include academicians, authors and STM publishers, technical institutions and more.

Processes carried out by the service providers in India involve but are not restricted to the following.

Organized process flow

This entails steps for coordination with publishers or authors to organize and direct the flow of work through different production stages.  The typesetting Indian company ensures quality management via proper follow-ups.

Page layout and interior design

The complexity of this varies depending on the customer requirements. As a part of this process, disk files are created based on manuscript typesetting requirements. The interior design which complements the subject matter is also produced. The companies indulged in book typesetting take care of all the elements so as to guarantee a professional and clean look. Header-footer design, font selection, usage of readouts, sidebars and graphics are done in accordance with the requirement.

With innumerable books reaching market every year, quality of typesetting and page layout design is of grave importance.

Value addition

Customers who outsource their typesetting requirements sometimes demand help in regard to cover and catalog design. These companies also have great artistic talents in reserve who create a cover that is immensely attractive and in line with the content of book or journals. The company, when demanded by the customers, takes care to carry out catalog design that compels customers to buy their book as well.

It is now a common trend by almost all the digital prepress companies in the related niche to provide maximum doable services rather than offering just a part.

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