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3D Character modeling: Tips to create story-driven characters

Creativity is innate but you can surely complement it with knowledge and perceptive tricks. We master storytelling through characters and have made hundreds of stand-out characters for different requirements of our clients.

A lot of aspiring 3D artists keep on mailing us inquiring about how they can make their career in any of the best 3D modeling companies. Our blog along with bringing to you latest news in the industry also tries to avail great tips for passionate and enthusiastic 3D artists who perform 3D sculpting well and who are fed up with sending their resumes in vain to 3D modeling company.

Today, we bring to you some operative tips that we have always embraced for creating story-driven characters.

The software you use is not the most important thing

Stop searching new software for modeling as far as your imagination is not restricted by the software on which you rely. If you have skills and vision, software and tools matter the least. Create the first character without hesitating; it will not please you. But again create another one and let the process continue. Practice will better your skills and learning and attempt should be an incessant progression.

Stay motivated- Rome was not built in a day

Why you decided to become a 3D artist? What incident or which person inspired you? When did you realized that you are meant to be in a creative service field? These thoughts will keep you inspired. Don’t fall behind and always try to stay relevant by working hard. Remember that the scope of 3D character modeling career is immense.

Studying human anatomy is vital

For sculpting the human forms, in-depth knowledge of human anatomy is important. Only after grasping the body features and contours, you can transform your vision into the fictional characters that you have in your mind.

Let your work speak for you

Companies offering 3D modeling services are in need of workforce who has a certain set of skills. Make a thorough study to understand the expectations of potential recruiters and make your work reflect those aptitudes of yours. Be marketable in all possible ways.

Present your work in the best possible manner

How you present your work matters more than what you have done and the techniques you adopted for doing it. Position your character out from the inflexible bore posture and place it on a simple base and there must be adequate lighting.

Approaches that should guide you:

These are a few thoughts that should guide you to perform 3D character modeling in a more efficient manner.

  • Understand your limitations

    Understand the environment settings and how the character will be viewed by the audience. Will you choose metres or centimeters as the working unit? Choose a certain unit as this would help you to maintain a consistent scale throughout.

  • Conduct research

    Use a number of references while creating a character. It is a good idea to keep a photograph folder or a few concept sketches in hand.

  • Begin simple

    Don’t jump to the detailing step right away. Make use of primitives and combine them together. With this, you would get a holistic view of the overall proportions as well as an overall idea about the overall appearance.

Add detail if it is required

If you are developing character for a game, you should evaluate if you really need to include a lot of detailing. You have to understand the role that the character is expected to play and it is going to be used. If the character would get shown only from a distance, you do not need to add intricate details to its mouth of face.

Create a seamless model

Rigging becomes difficult if several individual elements are combined to form a model. During the character’s movement, several parts will crisscross the actual model and this would destroy the overall gaming experience.

Choose Your Priorities

Just think what parts would be mostly seen in a model. That way, you can decide on the polygon budget. If the character wears a big hat, you may use multiple polygons so as to give it a well-rounded appearance. If the face needs to be shown prominently, you should spend adequate time in making it look awesome.

Review the Silhouette

It often becomes difficult to review your creation with a fresh pair of eyes if you have been working on it for a long time. Just disable the scene lights and you will be able to view the distorted polygonal areas. This would bring the silhouette in your clear view, which would help you identify the areas of improvement.

Last but not the least, break the rules and be innovative.

Hope that the above tips would be helpful for you. For more, get in touch. Best wishes for a great career ahead.

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