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Designing fashion magazines the professional way- 10 tips

Fashion magazines are highly popular and you see them almost everywhere. So, for an aspiring artist looking for his way towards any of the best and highly paying companies, being adept in designing fashion magazines can be of great help. Let us see the top 10 magazine design tips that can guide an amateur or even a professional to create more awesome creation.

1. Carry out extensive research

No matter how much informed you are about a project or theme, do the huge amount of research so that you get more than enough inspirations and ideas to boost your creativity. Putting down your findings on a mood board is highly recommended.

2. Provide the readers content that has some value to offer

Content plays the crucial role, especially in case of fashion journals. You should focus on furnishing latest trends, tips and tricks, celebrity interviews, health care or anything similar that evoke interest and enthusiasm in the readers.

3. Layout must guide the readers properly

magazine layout design guidelines

Magazine layouts

The entire information should be structured properly by the fashion magazine layout design. This should also keep the readers stay away from any type of confusions. All elements such as headings, intro, the body text, pull quotes and the image captions must be judiciously placed.

4. Give cover design most importance

Cover of any book is what creates the first impression. So, assure that you consider it with apex relevance and invest adequate effort and time for making it look really attractive, creative and communicative.

5. Go digital and interactive

With print media stepping aside for digital platforms, e-publishing your work can be a great idea. Try to add optimal interactive features to enhance the reading experience.

6. Select the font carefully

Getting perfect fonts is vital as it directly influences the impact made on readers. Determine it based on your target readers- their age, nature and profession etc.

7. Use the best pictures

You should be careful while selecting pictures for your magazines. Photos taken by professionals have an underlying concept and are capable of enticing the viewers. So, you should select the best among them that suits the topics of your magazine.

8. Colours should be the finest

magazine color combinations

Fashion magazine page layout design

Choosing right colours is what most magazine design companies highly recommend. If you do mistake in this, the whole effort can be ruined. The colours should either create a harmony or else it should give a contrasting feel for making the texts more readable.

9. Double check the work

You should check and recheck the work before finalizing. This will help you to find the mistakes and alleviates them. Any errors in the final magazine will send indirect signals to the readers that you are unprofessional and not credible.

10. Be creative


Magazine cover page design

There is no harm in breaking rules. Try different but sane things; this will help you to get best outcomes. You can read about some more tips for professional magazine crafting from our blog.

The above points must have cleared a lot of your queries regarding how to design a fashion magazine. For more information and latest trends, keep reading our blogs.

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