4 Effective animation techniques and types for eBooks

A lot of people are who still argue over the Importance of multimedia in interactive eBooks. However, the fact is that, without rich media, the basic purpose itself, i.e. interactivity will not be served to the needed level. Making use of creative animation techniques can be of immense help. To produce quality interactive eBooks, few of the different types of animations are explained below. Lend your eyes for a while and get some clean-cut idea.

Floating image

This is one of the very basic forms of animation. Here the images moves (floats) in varied directions. If the movements are added in such a way that it appears realistic and natural, your eBook will get a new life added to it. You can apply this type of animation to any of the already existing images and you don’t need any extra resources for that. The animation should merge to the background of the book and hence the background for image and book should be the same.

Transforming image

Here in this type of eBook animations, you transform the image instead of moving it. In CSS3, the transformations that are supported include 3D rotate, skew and scale. You have to be very careful in deciding the right images that should be subjected to transformation or else any wrong transformation may pave way for a completely weird appearance.

Transitional components

Rich media eBooks sometimes have transitional components; the images are divided into different sub-images. The sub-images make their own entrance from varied directions from a completely blank screen to complete the actual original image.  This type of animation never looks bad when it comes to developing interactive and enhanced eBooks. But the grace of animation depends on the transition control of sub-images selection.

Graphs and charts

Sometimes you may have to include statistics and graphs in the interactive eBooks with HTML5 CSS3. Animating this can add amazing benefits to the eBook. Though adding some sort of movements to any graph or chart is a simple task, it appears to the reader that you have done huge effort and a lot of work; this helps. Their mind will be tricked and you win the desired favours.

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