ePub Conversion Services

EPub conversion services paving way for revolutions in publishing industry

Amazon has already emerged as the largest bookseller and, as per the latest reports from genuine surveys it is selling more electronic books than traditional printed ones. With the success and continuously increasing fondness of handheld devices, a king segment of authors and publishers have adopted the option of ePub conversion services. This has triggered a digital conversion revolution, allowing companies specializing in this domain to offer great packages.

The most attractive fact about it is that the cost of ePub creation is very much lower when considered to printed books. Also, as the author or publisher sells more eBooks, production cost further decreases. This explains why professional eBook conversion services have emerged as a necessary service among self-published authors and publishers.

Actually with this revolutionary concept of ePub conversion, publishers now can reach a wider market of readers who prefer digital experiences on devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac, Kindle, Android tablets and Nook rather than combating with the discomfort of carrying physical books.

Further ePub conversion bestows you the great advantage of cost-free transportation. Picture this: You got an order from a different continent for say, 500 copies of your book. The cost of transporting printed books itself will eat away considerable part of your profit. In contrast to this when it’s the matter of e-books, with an internet connection, just few clicks and scrolls are the only things to be done.

People these days more are comfortable with downloading eBooks than buying printed books. One of the main reasons attributing to the success of ePub conversion service is the higher level of interactivity offered by eBooks. Features such as audio, video, graphics and dictionary give a better user experience. While reading a printed book, you may have to be accompanied by a dictionary which deposits uneasiness to the reading process and make it a tiring experience.

Epub formatting is of prime importance because improper formatting creates an unpleasant reading experience whereas professional formatting builds reputation and allows readers to read through the content with ease and comfort.

What Is an EPUB File?

An EPub file or an electronic publication format is an Open eBook file format.  EPub files can be downloaded and viewed on your tablets, smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-reader. EPUB 3.2 is the most recent EPUB version and it supports the upgraded versions of HTML, SVG, and CSS, and supports embedment of audio and video.

Opening an EPub File

You can open EPub files in major eBook readers, including the Kobo eReader, B&N Nook, and Apple’s Books app. You need to convert EPub files so that you can read them on Amazon Kindle.

You can open EPub files on a computer using free software including Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, Sumatra PDF, etc.

You can view EPub files even through iPhone and Android apps. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox can help you read EPub files in the browser. EPubReader for Firefox is an example.

You can upload EPUB file to your Google account and read it through Google Play Books.

EPub files have the same structure as ZIP files, so you can rename an epub format with .zip extension. You can then open the file with a file compression program. You can embed GIF, JPG, PNG, and SVG image formats in EPub files.

Converting an EPUB File

Here’s how you can convert EPUB files:

  • Calibre is one of the widely used programs to convert EPub files to other formats. This program can be used to convert one eBook format into the other and this includes the Amazon Kindle format as well. You can easily convert EPub to HTML, FB2, LIT, MOBI, LRF, PDB, PDF, TXT, RTF, and SNB.
  • Zamzar is another EPub conversion software that’s quite popular.  You can convert EPub formats into PDF, FB2, TXT, and other formats.
  • Using this software, you can convert PDF or AZW to the EPub format.

Open an EPub file in an eBook reader and then export or save that file in another format, even though the result may not be professional enough to meet your expectations.

Outsource Your ePub Conversion Services

EPub conversion is a specialized field that demands specialized support. So authors and publishers should seek professional assistance in order to ensure professional and high-quality outcomes. If you are an author or a publisher who is looking to convert your manuscripts into the EPub format, you should consider outsourcing EPub conversion services to another company that has a strong track record of success in this field.

Hiring experienced ePub conversion services not only guarantees you the best services but also they can assist you to find the right market and make maximum benefit from your efforts.