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Five best 3D modeling applications for 3D artists – Part 3

Previously in the blog posts, we discussed about 10 widely used 3D modeling applications by typical outsourcing companies in India. Here we bring to you another 5 popular modeling tools that are used for varied purposes.


This is a constructive, powerful and cross-platform modeling system which has a communicative geometry editor, image and signal processing tools, network distributed frame buffer support and ray tracing for geometry as well as rendering analyses.

3D Plus                                   

This is one of the best tools that help you in creating remarkable 3D designs within few minutes. Even outsourcing Indian companies with amateur professionals find the tool really comfortable as no complicated programming is required.

3D Canvas

Incorporating an in-built drag and drop provision, it is the real-time tool by which complex models can easily be built. Being user-friendly, it is one of the favorite choices for numerous Indian outsourcing service providers. Deforming, sculpting and painting of three-dimensional objects etc. are enabled by 3D Canvas.


This freeware utility avails the luxury of easily viewing creating and sharing three-dimensional models as well as 2D drawings. They offer options such as point and click animations enabling all those with PC or similar devices to analyze and comprehend three dimensional as well as two-dimensional design data.

Blink 3D

The authoring tool to create three-dimensional environments finds applications in multiple scenarios. The environments created are immersive and they can either be viewed locally or via the Blink three-dimensional viewer on the web.

There are many more 3d designing tools and even more arrive in the market regularly. As we are one of the most preferred outsourcing companies when it comes to 3 dimensional modeling services, we find it our responsibility to stay updated about market trends and tools to make available our customers with best results.

Also, we bring to you most valuable and up-to-date information in the industry. Keep reading and stays in touch.