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Five best 3d modeling software for artists – Part 2

In the previous blog post, we discussed five popularly used three-dimensional modeling applications. Today let us have a look on another few applications that are used by most of the outsourcing service providers in India.


The topmod3d application is free, transferable and an open source. This topological mesh modeling system is also platform independent. It enables users in creating high-class two-manifold meshes. Solid models can also be created which can easily be prototyped by means of different rapid prototyping.

Google SketchUp

This application helps in creating, sharing and presenting three-dimensional models. It can be used in many scenarios; say, for designing houses, building models or even for teaching geometry when it comes to academics. After that, you may export the image, make a movie or take a print out for viewing what you have made.

AutoQ3D Community

This fast, light and easy to use application is used by a lot of outsourcing Indian service providers. Utilizing the whole power and potential of your system graphics hardware, you can rapidly and easily prototype the 3D designs. Its intuitive interface is free and user-friendly as well. Since the application is released under GNU-GPL, it is completely free to use, alter and you can distribute for any commercial, professional or educational purposes.


This 3D modeling and animation program enables users for creating as well as modifying models with inbuilt primitives like platonic solids, spheres and cylinders etc. Also, it has warps, bevels, extrusion, lathing, and splines.


An artist in a typical Indian 3d designing company who is practical regarding the time is taken for learning any tool that offers higher levels of creative freedom, Seamless 3D is one of the best software for him.

The list continues. In the next post, we will bring to you another five applications for three-dimensional modeling services that outsourcing service providers in India normally prefer. Stay in touch!