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Fixed Layout ePub conversion- How it serves as the best option for children’s book?

This is the era in which digital conversion is ruling the publishing landscape because of its contribution in improving Ebook distribution. Fixed-layout eBooks because of some great features have become one of the most popular formats for electronic books these days. Regarded as the best option for books that are comprehensively designed and image rich, this format suits perfectly for children’s book, cook books, fashion magazines etc.

Among these, it’s perhaps the children’s picture electronic books that have benefited the most with fixed layout eBook conversions. This format has made new strides in the publishing industry; both publishers as well as authors seem really impressed. A lot of service providers too have emerged for the same.

With this trend, even a group of skilful independent authors have written and illustrated their crafts to obtain an elevated sales ranking that challenges even the major players.

Fixed Layout Ebook Conversion Services for Children’s Books

Today, self-published authors and publishers are increasingly using professional Ebook conversion services in order to get their books converted into digital formats that can be accessed on multiple Ereaders and by readers located around the globe. Companies delivering these services appoint professionals who are capable of providing enhanced Ebook conversion services that are meant to generate Ebook versions which would have enhanced features in terms of rich, multimedia content that can generate interactions and engagement.

Ebook formats are mainly of two types- fixed layout format and reflowable layout format. Reflowable formats are suitable for books that contain a lot of text. The content in reflowable formats flows in order to adjust itself against the screen when the reader changes fonts and alignment as per his preferred reading arrangement. Fixed layout Ebook formats, on the other hand, are not used frequently and are not accepted by major Ereaders. This type of format is typically used in children’s books that contain a lot of illustrations and other types of visuals. The pagination in such layouts do not change, which means graphics in one page will remain in that page only and will not scroll down to the next page. Readers, in this case, do not have the opportunity to alter the typeface, opt for text resizing, modify the margins or adjust the line spacing. The type of layout facilitates preservation of the printed page quality.

You need to opt for a fixed layout if:

  • You are looking to want to maintain the textual content within the mage layout.
  • You need to make use of a background image or color.
  • You have to enclose the text around the images and preserve the overall design.
  • You are looking for a perfectly horizontal orientation.
  • You have to include multi-column pages of text.
  • You have to preserve aspect ratios.

Fixed layouts are marked by a greater degree of complexity because of which they  demand additional attention. So you need to note that you have to shell out additional bucks to get your manuscript converted into fixed layout ebook. Also, you need to pay separately to fulfill the demands of various distributors that have their own specifications. For example, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple files are unique and so each of them demands a unique layout. Of these, Kindle Ebook Conversion is a common service that is commonly paid for by most authors due to the immense popularity of the Kindle platform.

As with the introduction of fixed layout eBook conversions, a huge level of enhancements can be obtained with animations, audio narrations etc., children’s eBooks have become more interesting thus enabling its sales at better rates.

With the option of zooming availed, specific details about all the elements on the page can be comprehended. Since page breaks are set in advance and not automated, this eBook formatting provides better page breaks. Also the files are relatively smaller when compared to other formats such as PDFs.

However the electronic publishing domain is highly dynamic and innovative formats keep on evolving continuously over time. Therefore you will have to stay updated with the latest movements in the industry. As of now, the fixed layout formats for children’s eBooks include Apple fixed layout, Kindle fixed layout, Barnes & Noble NOOK Kids etc.

When you hire a company providing fixed layout eBooks conversion services, make sure that the concerned people have relevant industry experience and keep themselves up-to-date about the different formats for children’s eBooks. This will guarantee you that you are investing on the right service provider.