Fixed layout epub conversion services

Fixed Layout ePub Creation- Why you actually need it?

Before discussing on why you need fixed layout format, let’s see what actually it is?

An eBook in which all the pages have a specific layout just as if in case of a normal physical book is called fixed layout. Prior to this, the trend was of reflow-able contents and in that the elements in a page automatically adjust to fit e-readers with multiple screen sizes. Though it assured many benefits, some serious drawbacks were also there.

With the introduction of fixed layout eBook formatting services and conversion, the reader regardless of the device can enjoy the experience of viewing the same copy as that of the original printed version. No wonder why fixed layout eBook formatting has emerged as one of the major requirements in the field of Ebook conversion.

Before we proceed further, let us define- “What is fixed layout Ebook Conversion?”

Well, this refers to a process in which professionals who are adept at handling sophisticated Ebook conversion software work on Ebooks with diverse formatting so as to change their formatting to fixed layouts that are suitable for graphic-rich books. Reflowable layouts, on the other hand, allow readers the privilege of designing their reading experience on their own by adjusting the font style and size, zooming in and zooming out, etc. Such layouts are compatible with major devices and they can adjust themselves as per the screen size. Fixed layouts are meant for books that have a lot of graphics and tables and this layout is not accepted by major Ereaders. In simple terms, the benefits of fixed layout Ebook conversion can be summed up as:

  • Improved presentation of kids’ or educational books that have a lot of graphics.

Now, why you need fixed layout ePub conversion services?

Digital conversion support at a professional level is important because it would guarantee the delivery of high-quality outcomes. Reputed Ebook conversion companies hire experienced staff who have the proficiency to handle specialized software and are always ready to go out of the way to deliver outcomes within the deadline. Such companies deploy strong data security infrastructure and would make sure that they protect their clients’ valuable data at all costs.

  • This format is regarded as the best option for highly illustrated and image rich works such as children’s novels, fashion magazines, cookbooks, travel books and comics.
  • Zooming provision in this particular eBook formatting services and conversion is another great advantage. In the traditional electronic version, there were options to increase font size for better readability but image enlargement facility was not there. However, this eBook formatting technique helps readers to view detailed images.
  • In fixed layout ePub, page breaks are not programmed and thus this allows for improved page break options.
  • Most importantly, the file size is relatively smaller when compared to other formats such as PDF.

However, fixed layout format too is not devoid of downsides. Restricted compatibility and more complexities are there.  Also as the texts are smaller, more zooming and scrolls may be required.

What you should note is that fixed layout ebook conversion in kindle is extremely important because Amazon’s Kindle device is a major platform that guarantees maximum accessibility to authors and publishers. So it is important to choose a professional who has solid experience in Kindle formatting and will definitely deliver high-standard outcomes.

However, choosing an adept service provider with broad experience in offering great quality eBook formatting and conversion can help you to get professional products that are soothing and comfortable to the eyes thus serving its intended purpose perfectly. Also, they can advise you for all related concerns.

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