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Fixed Layout- When they make the best choice

Fixed layout ePub conversion has numerous upsides but it is vital to comprehend whether embracing it can do the intended favors as far as your specific scenario is concerned. Otherwise, it can ruin its very purpose that you should never let happen.

If you find determining when to opt for fixed layout uncomfortable, approaching professionals offering ePub conversion services can surely help. Being one of the best companies in India offering related services, we through this blog post bring to our readers some insights regarding when to go on with these conversions.

This ePub exactly replicating print design suits for comics, graphic novels, manga and children’s picture books. Such books constitute art crafted in a specific aspect ratio and may demand the whole page to flow. These print replicas are best for those heavily designed books that find it really challenging to reinvent as re-flowable matter. Here placing texts, illustrations and sidebars etc. properly is inevitable for retaining the sense of the message.

Also, read how fixed layout conversion serves as the best option for children’s book.

However, sometimes, ePub that are not print replicas are more appropriate. Here the professional companies set the text in larger fonts and optimize the design to avoid zooming and pinching when it comes to smaller screens. This works effectively for art books, gift books, and cookbooks etc.

As in case of reflowable eBooks, publishers in this case also can enhance the content using animation, communication, and integration of narrations, videos or supportive audios.

Since people are more accustomed to print format, these by default preferred when a reflowable matter is more suited.

Fixed layout has to be reconsidered when it comes to a text-heavy material. This may create a poor user experience as the customer may have to pinch, zoom and keep on tapping the screen for reading the content. Making the customers to put in more effort hinders their smooth reading thus creating a bad impression.

In such case, another issue that can make situation even worse is that some useful and attractive features may be lost, say text search functionality.

When should you and when should you not go for a fixed layout ePUB?

Books having a fixed layout EPub format appear similar to conventional print formats. This format is ideal for books that have majority of pages with bleeds or the ones that have art drawn at a certain aspect ratio. Typical examples include comics, kids’ picture-rich books, novels with a lot of graphics, and manga.

Special circumstances where you should consider fixed layout ePUB format are as follows:

  1. If the author look for book pages with multicolumn texts
  2. If horizontal orientation is demanded for a book that needs to be published
  3. If the background color holds a high level of importance in the overall Ebook design
  4. If texts are needed to be wrapped around the graphics

A fixed layout will not generate a good-looking presentation in case of text-heavy books. This is because of the fact that readers would face immense difficulty in zooming in order to have a clear view of the textual content.  Secondly fixed layouts do not actually support text search features that are normally compatible with reflowable layout.  So in this case, writers should opt for professional reflowable Ebook conversion support.

Benefits and pitfalls of fixed layout ePUB

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Authors can exercise complete control over the content that they wish to include in their books.
  • This format allows authors to maintain the appearance of their original content.
  • Fixed layout ePUB conversion varies from one device to the other, which means that conversion specialists and designers need to master the use of diverse devices and software, which in turn improves deliverable quality.
  • This layout supports the embedding of fonts.

Disadvantages are

  • Readers do not have enough control over the text they read. This can impact reading experience.
  • Updating files in fixed layout ePUB format is an expensive affair.
  • The generation of this format is a time-consuming process and hence, cannot be applied to emergency situations.
  • This layout is not compatible with several platforms, which limits its distribution and access to several popular devices that are used frequently.

When it comes to digital conversion or Ebook conversion including interactive Ebook conversion, there are many other aspects to be scrutinized about which we will discuss in our next blog post. Keep reading and sharing, if you appreciate our efforts. We bring most valuable information about fixed layout ePub conversion. Thanks for spending time with us!

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