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Fundamentals of typesetting: An overview

Typesetting services have witnessed a drastic uplift with the invention of new technologies and more professional companies doing the job. So, smart publishers and authors, these days leverage the said potential for increasing the saleability of their work.

It only seldom happens that a graphic designer goes completely out of the box to break all the existing rules.  Otherwise, some established rules ate there for designing, grammar, punctuations and typography. This is vital to assure professionalism in the presentations. Underlying are the basics of formatting and typesetting you must be acquainted with if you are in anyway related to the same.

  • After punctuation, use just one space. Keep in mind that typing rules are not followed in typesetting.
  • Double hard returns should not be used. Instead, go for space before and after paragraph.
  • Hyphens should not be substituted for em dash or en dash. This is one among the common typesetting errors.
  • Make use of single as well as double quotations. Appropriate typographical punctuation is mandatory.
  • Lines that end a paragraph and those opening a paragraph must be avoided.
  • Commas and periods must go within the quotation marks.
  • Making use of minimal font variations is always advisable.
  • One of the fundamentals of typesetting is that there should be enough white space.
  • Italics, bold and ALL CAPS must be used sparingly.
  • Type alignment must be chosen carefully. Centered text should be used sparingly as only in few occasions this works effectively.
  • Script fonts should not be used in all caps.
  • Stay away from underlining, italicize instead. The former is used by people for indicating that the concerned company should use italics for certain phrases or words.

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If above professional typesetting tips are kept in mind, the whole process can turn out to be completely flawless. However, the task is not that easy and it involves many unsaid rules and tricks. This is the reason why people rely on professionals as their forte.

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