3d modeling for product design

How 3D modeling is benefits for apparel and ecommerce industry?

We may have heard of innumerable benefits offered by 3D modeling services. But how can it be related to ECommerce and apparels?

Purchasing clothes via web may sometimes seem a really frustrating and tiring task. The limitation that a prospective user doesn’t get any experience of direct product interaction always seemed a hindrance to this service.

However, with technology reaching new elevations ceaselessly, almost nothing seems infeasible these days. Now by blending virtual reality and 3D modeling, the customers can virtually try the clothing before they buy them. Thus the element of doubt encountered while purchasing clothes can be completely eliminated.

The innovative technology was pioneered nearly a year back by Phix Technology. Having enabled virtual fitting room, the buyers can determine through the physical accurate garment simulations whether the clothes fit them. This amalgam of 3D modeling and virtual reality technology also recommends the apt size for the purchaser in light of the measurement inputs provided. Thus besides the customer experiencing an improved online shopping experience, the product returns will also be reduced to a great extent. This will surely be a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the sellers will be benefiting. The technology also claims to hold the capability of being utilized for omnichannel e-commerce. If so, users will be able to shop anywhere, anytime and from almost any device.

Ever since this concept sprouted up, a lot of innovative progressions have been made. Many companies offering these solutions have explored out numerous innovative means.

It is quite reasonable to believe that, with the advancements in other technologies, the impact will also be reflected in three-dimensional solutions. And the happy news is that it would be in a positive manner. Stay updated on our blog to know the latest developments in this domain.