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Enhanced eBooks: How to improve the reader’s acceptance?

Publishing industry has witnessed revolution at its peak with digitization and it continued as an evolving process. The formats of electronic books kept on advancing with countless features and many believe that the saturation point was reached with the innovative enhanced ePub 3 electronic books. In fact, what can one expect more than the book itself speaking to you and showing to you the visuals directly?

However, there have been some recent debates which projected to light the concern- Has the trend of enhanced ePub electronic books over? These versions focus not only on the new generation but even other categories are continuously generating interest towards digital platform thus completely eliminating the above-mentioned concern. Thus it’s almost sure that enhanced eBooks are here to stay.

Now, there are some points to be considered by the companies offering EPUB 3 eBook formatting and conversion services to make sure that the enhanced eBooks get maximum acceptance.

Text should be the most significant element

 Many companies overdo with interactive elements like audios, videos, games, and animation. Instead of enhancing the experience, it actually distracts the readers from the actual content of the ePub 3 electronic book. Reading texts open up an infinite diaspora of imagination rather than restricting you to the videos or animations created. So, this is a vital thing that should be realized by service providers indulged in EPUB 3 eBook formatting and electronic books creation.

Consistency should be maintained in the enhanced experience bestowed

EBook publishers should provide platforms that maintain consistency in the experience and quality delivered to the user. You may be able to see a video preview or a sample section but it is unable to gauge the final experience offered unless you spend money on the product. This may refrain some section of people to from buying ePub 3 versions.

Sustainable business model should be effected

From enhanced eBook conversion services, both publishers and authors should benefit. Reading trends have drastically changed and therefore proper studies are to be made and strategies implemented for assuring readers with the best possible experience.