mistakes to avoid in 3d design

3D Design checklist: Avoid common issues while designing

The innovative concept of 3D designing has helped numerous industries in multiple aspects. Only the best company can assure you great results. There are certain issues which may arise during the process which are enumerated below.

Inverted normal

DAE and STL files having the normal’s pointing in wrong direction can be detected and corrected automatically. But for VRML 97 files, you should take extra care. Before the files are uploaded, see to it that the normal are properly pointing.

Minimum detail size

The features details must be meeting a minimum size. This fluctuates based on the materials. An expert company will surely be alleviating this issue.

Minimum object size

The leastbordering box size is 10mm x 10mm x 10mm. If in any case the dimension falls less than this for an axis, a cautioning message will be received. It should also be assured that the product volume exceeds 0.25cc.

Minimum wall thickness

The wall thickness must not fail to meet certain minimum thickness. This also varies based on the material that needs to be represented.

Entrapped support material

Whenever possible avoid designing the products that entangle any support materials. Inside materials can’t be removed easily. You will have to add holes for removing support materials in your plan. This can pave way for imperfections.

Product orientation

Objects will only be reproduced in the particular orientation in which they are designed by you. Therefore outcome may vary based on the orientation of object in the source file. You should judiciously consider certain factors like terrain lines, cylindrical shapes and strength to avoid any type of issues.

There are a lot of companies in India that offer 3D designing services. However in light of the fact that innumerable issues can intrude during the process, only the best service provider must be hired.