Kindle Comic Creator

Kid’s comic creator by Amazon- a real boon

Creating eBooks these days is quite an easy task. There are a lot of software available that assures standard quality. But now when it comes to fixed layout format like that for a kid’s comic book, things are not that easy. Here in this format, content seems to be an image which can be zoomed out and in but it remains fixed; the content does not reflow. So, some expert people need to be hired for the task. You really have to depend on a professional company offering fixed layout eBook conversion services.

To a great extent, this issue got eliminated with the launch of Kindle Comics creator last year. Now Amazon has more features and user-friendliness launched Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. With this, publishers, as well as authors, can easily merge text and artwork into a fixed layout eBook which is readable on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Amazon has in fact assured that the latest tool will provide a better and more pleasing reading experience for the kids. Authors usually are very creative people who want to tell great stories but their lack of expertise in technical aspects hinders them in being expressive to the fullest. By using Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, anyone without technical proficiency can create illustrated, beautiful eBooks without hiring any graphic design service provider. This app can be downloaded from Amazon and it is available for OSX, Windows 7 and 8.

However, it is always a more sensible option to depend on a professional digital conversion company offering fixed layout eBook conversion services. The simple reason is that you get more personalized services. Make enough inquiries regarding the services before you make the deal. The quality of output you receive depends mainly on the efficiency of your epublishing service provider. So, be very careful regarding the selection process.