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Multilingual typesetting- What a typesetter needs to take care of? – Part 2

Different languages have different properties and typesetting companies should be very well aware of the same to assure that they deliver flawless book typesetting services.

Specific additional knowledge is needed, especially in case of character-based languages. Certain techniques, as well as workarounds, are inevitable to deal with the issues of these languages. Also, the digital prepress company offering multilingual typesetting services should be acquainted with apposite font usage and text layout conventions.

Simply pasting text, changing fonts and tweaking layouts will not do any favour. It will give an unprofessional and least attractive artwork as output that repels away the target audience.

Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Appropriate fonts and font weighting must be used. No italicising is normally done and hence, to create contrast, some other strategies should be used by Indian companies. Tidily aligned text and proper usage of white space are important.

Lao, Thai, and Khmer

No space between words is there. However, lines should not wrap at mid-word but at the end of words. Display the diacritics correctly. Lines should have greater leading and point sizes should be larger enough to be easily readable.

Arabic language

For perfection when it comes to Arabic languages, the book typesetting service companies in India must be adept at using software capable of handling R-L text. The layout should be reversed, justification must be most of the times rightly and display of numbers must be done correctly. Typesetting companies in India must assure that leading and point sizes are appropriate.

Indian languages

For Indian languages, it is almost impossible to proceed without having apt design program and specific software. The Indian pagination companies offering multilingual typesetting services must use proper fonts, resolve issues related to text and number display.

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