real estate panorama photo stitching

Different types of Panoramas used in Real estate

Creating great quality real estate panoramas

Let us firstly start with 360-degree panoramas. You can try 360 virtual videos for adding some interesting effects to the photographs of your property. An interactive visualization of your property online can bring wonderful results for you as they are more likely to impress your prospects. Even better would be to go for 360 panoramic stitching.

Panorama Photo stitching

Here multiple images are combined together to come up with high-resolution impeccable real estate views. Make use of the best quality software so as to get the expected results or else the intended visualization would not be obtained.

There are different types of panoramas and two important ones among them are detailed below.

  • Cylindrical Panoramas

These exceptionally shows the interior as well as the exterior of picture’s wide shooting arranged interminably. Essentially, it can easily be simplified by the perception similarity within the visual at 360 degrees.

  • Fisheye Panoramas

These demonstrate the wide surface visuals of photographs snapped in fewer shots. These wide edge photographs make an all-inclusive viewpoint of the computer-generated visit for business sited ad. With tube-shaped and contrast display, the process is simple and expense is less which is an indisputable upside.


If you are wondering how to create panoramas, go ahead. Also understanding the difference is vital when it comes to gauging the suitability of panoramic stitching services for your actual need. Cylindrical panoramas stay confined by snapping only 360 degrees round the concerned setup point. Fisheye on the other hand, besides the 360 degrees capture furthermore including up and down surfaces. The former is barrel-shaped on grounds but difficult for contrasting. It doesn’t need any tripod setup. The fish-eye scene turns out to be a bit troublesome and it discloses more unwanted elements to the customers.

After the capturing, it is important to stitch them together by making use of the best and most advanced image editing software to ensure decent 360 virtual tours.

If panorama photo stitching services of greatest quality is what you need, firstly study in detail to understand the similarity and differences between different types and techniques of stitching. Contact MAP Systems and professionals here would explain.

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