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Services you can expect from copy editing and proofreading companies

Picture this: You hired a company offering copy editing and proofreading services to get some work done for you. But when the paper reached back to you, you were flabbergasted. Most often, if not always, your expectations and service provider’s understanding mismatch. The editing level recommended may fluctuate between the two parties. However, ultimately you can decide as you are the boss.

But before finalizing, it has to be understood that many times, it is considered as a synonym with copy-writing, line editing or proofreading. Getting acquainted with the actual differences between various types of content correction services will help you to hire appropriate solutions from any of the best prepress services India based companies. Also you can correctly determine the type of editorial solutions suitable for your actual need.

Types of copy editing


In this level of editing, spacing, formatting, consistency, spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, consistency of verb and tense as well as pronouns are checked. Editors won’t make drastic changes to any of your words or sentences as these are a part of higher level editing services.

Higher level copy editing

Obviously proofreading as mentioned in earlier category will be done. Additionally, the editor will check for clearness, conciseness, correctness, completeness and consistency.  They will work on the paragraph and sentence structure, delete redundant words, use synonyms for frequently repeating words and weak sentences or words will be replaced with more professional and powerful ones. A typical typesetting service provider assures that the tone stays intact. There will be noticeable changes and you can review them to assure that it falls in line with your expectations.

Substantive/Line editing

It is very close to copy-writing. Editors will based on the need rewrite certain parts of your submitted document.  This is in fact a developmental process where editor recreates the substance thus educating you regarding how to write in a better manner. Adding new content in case if the matter lacks soul may also fall under the scope of this content correction service. The process takes more time and effort. Therefore, this is expensive as well.

Other types of services usually demanded are submission formatting, reference and citation formatting services, glossary development, table of contents and index development as well as fact-checking. Also, read more about some of the difference between line editing and copy editing.

With MAP SYSTEMS India, excellence is guaranteed in all facets. We use the ptimal blend of man and technology to hunt for any sort of imperfections to make sure that ultimate copy is immaculate. People with us working for you are passionate about words and they hail from the backgrounds of content writing and copy-writing; some have worked earlier with highly reputed and professional proofreading companies.

There are no fresher here, only veterans who have previously written for diversified niches and now they proofread, copy-edit and perfect copies. We can help you for all types of professional copy editing services. Give us and knock and we are readily available to take on charge of the responsibility.

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