3D modeling using sketchup software

How can you effectively use Sketchup software for 3D modeling?

SketchUp is simple but a powerful 3D tool which is used to its maximum potential can provide awe-inspiring outputs. Watching video guides is absolutely the right thing to do. However, there are some tips availed by expert Indian outsourcing companies offering 3D modeling services that can help you to accomplish the whole process with more ease, pace, and perfection.

How to make 3D models in SketchUp

Have a command over shortcuts

Swiftness is important as most projects may knock with stiff deadlines. Learning shortcuts can help you save a lot of time and you will not have to use standard menus and toolbars. As per your need, you can export or import the shortcuts via preferences dialog when you move to another computer, and remapping can be done.

Tape Measure and Protractor tools

Guides are in fact a boon for professionals. You can add parallel elements using Tape Measure and when it comes to angular ones, Protractor tool can be used. They can be used for layout grids, checking measurements and much more.

Geometry separation

The software is immensely useful for supporting architectural 3D modeling projects including interior 3D modeling and exterior 3D modeling. The layering system of SketchUp provides only visual separation and no geometry separation is provided. This means that even when you veil a layer, its content will not stop interacting with visual mode thus paving way for many issues. This can be eliminated when geometrical separation is achieved using different options of Group, Layer, and Skin.


All information is saved by SketchUp model inside only. Each and every component, cad drawing blocks and image are saved in the model file. They stay inside even when it is deleted from the workspace. These unwanted elements can be cleaned using Purge Command in layers, components, and material dialogs. This makes 3D rendering more efficient.

A few quick tips that you as a modeler should make a note of

  1. Apply a 3-Button Mouse for Navigation

    Don’t ever click on the orbit or the zoom option. You should make use of a 3-button mouse for navigation in the software. Interestingly, the middle button of the mouse enables the orbit tool on a temporary basis.

  2. Make Use of Components and Groups

    You should use these features if you want the outcome to appear more organized or if you wish to hide certain parts of a model in order to be able to work on other parts. Utilize groups and components if you wish to change a few portions of a model without doing any changes to the designs of the other sections.

  3. Easily Make Several Copies

    Pressing Ctrl + V is not a good idea. Press 10* and then Enter to create ten copies that are located from the same distance as the original copy. Alternatively press /10 in order to generate 10 copies lying between the actual version.

  4. Use Arrow keys to Lock Axis

    While drawing a line, you may find it difficult to move towards your intended direction. But you can easily get the axis locked by using the arrow keys from your keyboard.

  5. Use several steps for difficult moves

    Sometimes you may find it difficult to let the software understand how you wish to move an object. Start by positioning the height accurately. Define a distance and get the object locked to the blue axis. Set the green axis and then the red axis. This will help you place your object in the model without requiring to align multiple axes.

  6. Choose several entities

    Use the Select Tool to click on a face to select it. When you click on a face and the edges, apply double-click. Use triple-click ibn order to sample all the connected entities.

  7. Apply Tape Measure Feature to select guides

    This will help you create objects having specific dimensions. You can reference specific points by setting up guides.

  8. Appky Keyboard Shortcuts

    This would save you a lot of time. The modeling process would start appearing so much easier and natural and this would enhance your workflow.

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