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Spying on your readers- the inevitability

Have you ever thought about how readers actually read your book? It is normally said that a writer should step into reader’s shoe to assure the success of his book. But aren’t you eager to know how much effect your efforts have been?

This is where an expert Indian company offering eBook conversion services can be of great help. They are proficient in incorporating the optimal e-reading software or apps that record almost every single interaction of reader with your craft. It lets you know regarding when your book is opened, page is turned and it is closed.

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Earlier none of such information was available for the authors. Amazon shunned away from sharing these type of data but others like Bluefire and Kobo, later on, started providing some information regarding the same. The encapsulation measures taken were mainly to anonymize consumer privacy. This made huge marketing information left unknown to the authors and publishers. The limitation was always there. However, this gets completely eliminated when you rely on a professional company in India.

Putting an operative software inside the eBook can be a great boon and it would be similar to the Google Analytics. Many companies in India understand its feasibility and they use EPUB3 standard for making this happen. The most vital element for this is the provision of support for JavaScript (JS).

A working prototype that enables to perceive the customer behavior on your book is now available in the market. This was developed by a London based start-up company- Jellybooks. The tool is attached with EPUB file to record the data needed from customers end regarding how his interaction with book takes place.

To keep readers and publishers genuinely comfortable, this is attached only to free eBooks and distribution is done only to a section of focus groups. Thus when a reader gets a free eBook, the publisher is able to get the relevant data like whether they have reviewed the book, blogged about it or shared information about it on social media platforms. By this, the publisher can understand the weaker section of his books and work on bettering those areas. Thus more productive results can be obtained by effectively positioning, marketing and promoting the book.

An Indian company providing professional eBook conversion services can surely avail you with proper guidelines to use the gathered data in the best possible manner.