3d photorealistic rendering techniques

The art of making 3D renders seem more realistic

Making the CG render look real has obvious advantages and only an exceptionally talented company providing 3D rendering services can make that happen.

In the present digital era, we all are very much used to images and any little flaws can doubtlessly ruin the whole effort of creating impact with them. Therefore a typical professional company indulged in availing 3D architectural rendering services takes adequate care to enhance all possible elements to maximise the realistic look for images. Using some effective tools like spline can really be helpful for this purpose.

In cases where you have to deal with flat surfaces, things are quite easy and comfortable. Picture that, you have to twist a cable around a shelf. You can simply outline a spline for cable path and after that using the Sweep Nurbs Tool, move a profile spline alongside it. Following that you can manipulate things by moving the endpoints.

When you have to deal with complex structures, things are a bit more difficult. Using the above-mentioned technique is cumbersome as well as it is really time-consuming. A lot of spline points would have to be added and adjusting all these points manually would be practically almost impossible.

However, in Cinema4D, you will find really useful tools which make sure of more realism. Just go to Mesh -> Spline -> Project; the technique regardless of the object almost remains same.

Most of the 3D rendering companies understand that only by experimenting, 3D tools can be learned and utilized to the best of its capabilities. If mastered, unbelievable and desired results can be achieved using just a few simple tools and that too with ease. Also click here to read some more tips for perfect photo-realistic 3D rendering

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