3d character modeling tips

3D Character modeling: 3 Tips and tricks

Professional companies offering character 3d modeling services assure exceptional quality that often results in trendier output. Below listed tips will certainly help animators to carve out the perfect picture. Most of the reputed 3d designing companies abide by these operative tricks to avail best outputs for their clients.

3D Character Modeling Tips and Tricks

  • Perfect specification chart

     3d modelling techniques

    What an animator wants is clear specification of the result expected from him. Even if it is a simple robotic hand, precise specifications like its size, length and motion angle will give the designer a clear outlook of the output. It is advised to keep an updated specification chart just to make sure that any rollover changes made is well reflected in the teammates.

  • Unique form factor

    The trait that makes an animation spectacular is its wonderful appearance. Unique looks are important but the form and function of the character play an important role. Stylish appearance and exaggerated looks often persuade designers to look for out of the box thoughts which ruin the experience. Some of the most advanced gaming engines demand 60 plus frame rates, so the designed characters must have an appreciable execution speed. 3d services providing experts consider form factor matching as an important pre requisite for animation purposes.

  • Texturing and character

    3d texturing techniques

    Stylized characters greatly depend on texturing. Components of color balance like hue, saturation, and camouflage greatly influence the development of a character. Designing by keeping the important points of texturing in mind will help to ease out lighting process and many other features. 3d modeling and 3D animation service providers greatly depend on texturing because it is as important as the design.

Top 5 3D Character Modeling Software

The choice of software plays a critical role in shaping the overall results. We have listed top 5 programs that support the 3D character modeling process:

  • 3ds Max

    This is a program that is used mostly by professionals. This is an advanced program that you can use to perform 3D visualization tasks as well. You can use this software to an optimal capacity to create stunning environments and virtual worlds. It brings along several ready-to-use models and is compatible with several plug-ins because of which it is very popular. This program comes with a high price tag and is not suitable for beginners.

  • Maya

    This is an Autodesk product just like 3ds Max and supports the addition of animation in the characters. This software supports the addition of finer details and realism to characters. It comes with a comprehensive toolset that lets artists to bring their imagination into reality.

  • ZBrush

    This software features a brush that supports the creation of deep strokes. It supports sculpting and painting. This software promotes the automatic incorporation of shadows and highlights. It supports real-time rendering and outcomes can be seen immediately.

  • Blender

    This is a free 3D modeling software that supports the execution of commercial projects. Even though its interface may seem to be complex for some persons, beginners often choose this program for entry-level projects. Several tutorials and workshops are available online, so beginners will not find it that difficult to master the use of its various tools.

  • Daz Studio

    This is also a free program supporting the creation of animation and 3D imagery. This software is used mainly to create game characters. It features a huge library of 3D objects, textures, extensions, and plug-ins. It allows users to create high-quality animated characters and comes equipped with an easy-to-use interface.

It is important to make sure that the animated figure is always facing a development phase. Each and every single revision must enhance and update the perfection level which the character achieves. Focusing on these simple three-dimensional character modeling tips will help animators to reseat their creations for better styling.

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