photoshop color correction techniques

Three easy steps to color toning in Photoshop

Photoshop is the buzz word in the fashion industry when it comes to image editing and enhancing. Photography has significantly changed a lot with cameras equipped with retina challenging lenses snapping almost any real life scenes. However, it is up to the expert to enhance the images to make them clean and impactful. Here is an effective 3 step fashion color toning Photoshop guide highly beneficial for amateurs and professional service providers alike.

  1. Choose the file and set it up

Like any photo enhancement tool, Photoshop requires you to load the file. Open the file and go to Layers panel. The Create New Adjustment Layer icon when clicked will create a new layer. Choose color lookup from the pop up menu and choose a required tone from the pop ups. Stacking two layers will also help to improve the shades.

  1. Choosing the preferred tone setting

From the pop up menu, a toning selection can be made. Different selections reveal beautiful perspectives, so each one is worth a try. If the effect is intense, try using the opacity and soften it. Blending is also a unique way to control color intensity. Once you are fine with the color, invert the layer mask and paint over the necessary areas with a white background selected brush tool. The tool will paint the effect just where you want.

  1. Properties panel for a finishing look

The properties panel has a full set of selections when clicked on the pop up menu to its right. Choose an appropriate choice from the list. Go through the several selections until you are confident with your selection. There are a few buttons at the bottom of the properties panel. A simple tip for amateur freelance service providers and companies; don’t overdo color tones. Sensitive eyes will catch the contrast sooner or later.

Go ahead and try a few examples before working on the actual sample; this is what professionals in a photo editing company actually do. Professionals availing photo editing services are well benefited by following these photoshop tips for toning.

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