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Tips to create fixed layout epub using CircularFLO with InDesign

It would never be an understatement to say that fixed layout eBooks hold incredibly bright future for all media-rich and interactive digital publication machines.  Since there is an overwhelming demand for fixed layout ePub conversion services, quality and perfection can make a professional company offering this service to grow exponentially. Unfortunately most companies only use Adobe InDesign for the process but there are so many advantages of combining the power of Adobe InDesign with CircularFLO.

Disadvantages of Adobe InDesign

One can pretty much say that if you would like to deliver an excellent conversion solution to the client, Adobe InDesign is not enough to create the desired outcome. However, if combined with CircularFLO there are many excellent additions that one can do to the final file.  Though InDesign is used by many service providers, it is impossible to create a fixed layout eBook for Amazon Kindle from this and honestly, it is a shame.

What CircularFLO can do with Adobe InDesign?

CircularFLO can breathe exciting features to Adobe InDesign.  The creative enhancements of CircularFLO can help to export all the ePubs to Amazon KF8 pretty much easily addressing a great concern of the conversion industry. With the help of this, one can easily incorporate read aloud text highlighting into the eBook which was not possible otherwise. It also provides room to avoid any obfuscation and incorporate automatic ePubcheck validation with clean and editable codes.

Here’s how CircularFlo can benefit you:

Perform Conversion from InDesign and PDF.

You may either go for PDFs or InDesign files to create exact replicas of original print files with completely searchable text. The smart tools of the software would allow you to easily deal with single or multi-page PDFs and to connect InDesign elements and PDFs on the same page.

Export files easily to EPUB3 and KF8.

Using this software, you can easily convert files to the Amazon KF8 fixed layout format or to the fixed layout EPub3 format. If you need to export files to the KF8 format, you have to opt for double page spreads and make a choice between zoom and pinch. You may also consider adding popups from paragraphs in InDesign, which would lead to the automatic addition of searchable text.

Create Read-Aloud files without coding.

Using an audio track, you can emphasize words, images, and sections. This software is compatible with all types of fonts and it supports even PDFs and scanned copies of artworks. You can get timestamps added automatically and then you can get the timings modified in InDesign.

You will face no design limitation.

You do not need to customize your images or designs for any particular page size or proportion. You are free to use different fonts, color spaces, and files of diverse formats. In a nutshell, you do not have to compromise on your concepts.

You can create animation easily.

You will be allowed to make a selection from more than 70 CSS-based animations for your content. Connect them with one another and then modify the duration, timings, and repeats in order to generate stunning effects. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to apply settings in documents and pages.

Put Web Code in the Pages

Place web code that is generated externally in your pages and use them with the designs in your page. Apply the code in any animation or interaction that is based on the HTML5 format and finally convert your file into the EPub3 format.

Insert audio-visuals

Add the audio feature in any portion of the page or in InDesign elements. You may also consider adding custom play or pause buttons or you may use your customized audio features, post videos in pages and apply a frame, if needed. Enable offline viewing or video-streaming feature in the fixed layout EPub3 format.

Insert embedded text

You can get live text added to your pages. The software promotes easy addition of live text panels and enables transparency of text as well as drop shadows. You can even use tools properly to identify text positions including annotations and text wraps.

A professional company specializing in providing digital conversion, Ebook conversion and  ePub formatting services must be able to combine the best elements to improve the quality of the services they provide. This is vital to stay ahead in the race.

If you are eager to learn more about the same, stay tuned. Better things are on the horizon.