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Rendering Realistic Human Hair Using Autodesk Maya

Most of the professional companies offering 3D rendering services have to get indulged in modeling human hair, styling and rendering it as a part of many projects. Let us see how Maya can be used for rendering human hair.

Creation of human hair 3d model

Firstly pick any of the head models from the templates. Face mode must be selected as it facilitates surface editing. Determine where you want to design the hair and click on the corresponding surfaces of the model. Now in Polygon menu, click on the edit mesh option and proceed to the duplicate face menu for creating an object similar to the previously selected surfaces. Select the ungroup option from group node in the edit menu.  Name the work as Maya hair model.

Adjustment of the UV

Choose the previously created Maya hair model and then click on the create UVs option. Now from Polygon Menu, opt for automatic mapping. By this, the model created by you responds to instinctive commands.

Creation of Maya hair system

This feature allows fashioning stationary and lively replicas of any of the hair types. It also helps the rendering artists to adjust their hair choices while performing hair stimulation. For creating the hair system, select dynamic menu set. Then, click on drop-down menu from Hair-Create Hair option. Now an options window is opened where professionals in the expert companies offering 3D rendering with Maya make necessary changes

Model simulation

Click on the Windows settings and go to preferences to see a preference window popping out. From here you can make needed changes by selecting the timeline menu. After that play the simulation and tweak the settings based on the outputs you get.

Maya is really flexible and features rich. To make the most out of this amazing software, you should hire the best 3D rendering services from the reputed company.

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