VR and AR difference

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality – A Comparison

Most people overlook the fact that virtual reality is not the same as augmented reality. They simply consider both as the same. Whatsoever, both have huge potential for growth in the future and therefore it is important to do a critical comparison between both. Before scrutinizing VR vs. AR, let us start with the basics by defining both in the simplest way possible.

Virtual reality

It you are wondering- what is virtual reality, it is a computer generated and artificial recreation or simulation of real-life situation or the environment. It has the capability to entice and immerse users by providing them a feel as if they are going through reality itself by stimulating their hearing and vision.

To achieve VR, normally a headset is worn that is equipped with the needed technology. There are two ways in which it is usually used.

  • For creating and enhancing an imagined reality for entertainment, 3D movies and computer games etc.
  • For enhancing training for the real-life scenarios by generating a precise model of reality helping people to practice in advance.

It’s the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) that make it possible. The said language is used for creation of an image series and all specifications regarding the interaction types feasible.

Augmented Reality

As the name itself suggests, AR layers artificially generated enhancements on top of an already existing reality thus making it more effective, meaningful and interactive. AR is developed into applications and made use of on different mobile devices for blending digital constituents into the real world so as to enhance each other.

AR technology is nowadays getting more popularity. You can see its applications mainly in score display overlays during sport games, text messages or photos on mobiles and pop out 3D mails etc. Tech industry is also using AR to experiment creative and novel things with motion triggered commands and holograms etc.

Comparison between AR and VR

VR and AR can be considered to be the inverse reflections of one another in regard of what each technology strives to achieve and delivers to the users. When AR generates overlays to the actual world, VR delivers a complete digital replica of a real-life environment.

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Underlying points illuminate similarities between VR and AR in a clear manner.

  • Technology

Both virtual and augmented realities leverage many similar technologies and they serve users with enriched or enhanced experience.

  • Entertainment

Both technologies are exploited for entertainment purposes and are capable of bestowing what prospects are expecting from them. Earlier, it was a mere figment of science fiction and imagination but now things have drastically transformed paving way for an entirely novel artificial world under the control of user. Besides, interaction with the real world at a deeper level is facilitated. Leading technical giants are investing more to develop new adaptations and improvements to release better products capable of impressing tech-savvy users.

  • Science and Medicine

Both VR and AR has great potential to positively influence the medical field by making even things like surgery possible remotely.  These technologies are being used for treating and healing certain type of psychological disorders.


Now, when it comes to the difference between AR and VR, there are many. Important ones among them are detailed below.

  • Purpose

VR generates its own representativeness that is artificially created. Contrary to VR, AR improves experiences of users by the further addition of virtual components like graphics, digital images and several other types of innovative sensations to create of new interaction layer.

  • Delivery Method

VR gets delivered to the end-user via a hand-held or head-mounted controller. Using this equipment, people get connected to VR and they can navigate and control their actions in the artificially generated scenario.

AR, however, is used more in tablets, smartphones, laptops and another type of mobile devices to transform the way visuals, digital imageries and real-world traverse and interrelate.

VR and AR- how they operate together?

Both don’t operate only in mutual exclusion but together as well. They can be blended together in a planned proportion to create even more impressive and immersive experience.

Both of them are outcomes of inordinate desires of mankind to get immersed in a computer-generated land either for mere entertainment or to make the interaction between the real world and digital devices more productive in diversified fields of technologies. Also, you can read our blog about different types of virtual reality devices in the marketplace.

Alone or together both are opening up limitless possibilities in entire fields associated with human life.  You can learn more about augmented and virtual reality services by getting in touch us.

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