drm in epublishing

Why DRM might not always the best choice to make?

You may have sometimes purchased eBooks that you were able to use only on a single app or device. The reason for this is DRM, when expanded digital rights management. The technology is used by eBook conversion companies to restrict the usage of files to a limited number of digital technologies.

It is understandable that publishers and authors invest a lot of time and effort in creating a new book. So, they will surely embrace steps to avoid piracy and DRM is a widely used option for that. Using DRM, eBook conversion into several formats and it’s sharing on different devices and with other users can be avoided.

DRM incorporated by an expert service provider in India doubtlessly offers immense level of protection but the discomfort experienced by the customers is a grave concern.

Now what will happen if DRM is removed? Earlier people used to illegally download mp3s on Napster. This was in fact the only solution they had for accessing music on multiple devices as strict regulations were imposed by DRM. Also when Apple started using DRM for its iTunes files, negative feedback from their customers piled up. This made them to remove the restriction in 2009 and since then iTunes emerged to be the most lucrative music store globally. Studies made by some of the reputed service providers revealed that removal of DRM restrictions promoted more search as well as sharing among the customers. In addition to that it also paved way for more sales even among obscure customers that would have otherwise detoured.

Though most publishers demand companies offering eBook conversion services to incorporate DRM, they have started understanding the risk this imposes on customer satisfaction. Striking a perfect balance between eBook protection and customer contentment is one of the major challenges being faced by authors and publishers today.

Some service providers know effective utilization of other alternatives to DRM. Adding a digital watermark that contains details like name of the customer, his email ID and other relevant information is a great feasible option.

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