epub conversion benefits

Why to Embrace ePub Conversion?

Ebook conversion services and, in particular, Epub conversion services have revolutionized the world of publishing. Nowadays a king part of publishers and authors prefer to outsource epub conversion services in India rather than getting the books printed. This not just saves you dollars but also valuable time and money.

Modern digital publishing is swiftly replacing traditional publishing. This fact gets mirrored from recent study results indicating that Amazon is selling more ebooks than ever before and the sections of people ordering paperbacks have drastically fallen down.

There are some great benefits offered by these services which can never be ignored. Some of the dominant among them include

  • EBooks are genuinely cheaper than paperbacks. There is no need for enormous quantity of papers, printing process and shipping expenses
  • With an internet connection, eBooks can be uploaded or downloaded easily.
  • Less space for storage is required and you can store several thousands of eBook copies which means you need not have to carry a bag full of heavy books.
  • Most of the convertors are adept in creating ebooks compatible to multiple screens of handheld devices which further ease your reading process.
  • The level of interactivity offered by electronic books due to incorporation of graphic, video and audio elements is considerably elevated which enhances the reading experience.
  • As the present generation is tech-savvy, a wider reader base can be reached without any extra expense.

Ebook formats such as ePub and mobi are better than PDF mainly because of the fact that ebooks can be accessed from all devices including tablets and phones. The EPub format may have reflowable layouts and fixed-layouts. Content from an Ebook will always get displayed in a proper way. Ebooks feature chapters and paragraphs, images and formatting, but the content will fill up the screen in a balanced manner. Reflowable ebooks can be easily accessed and the reader has the option to modify the font-size as per his/her convenience. This works the same way how websites reorganize themselves when you access them from different devices. As a matter of fact,  greater percentage of the eBooks have a reflowable formatting.

On the other hand, fixed-layout ebooks resemble PDFs for the fact that all of the content remains at a fixed place. These documents are designed for specific devices and hence, they don’t show up well in other devices. A fixed layout suits textbooks, but not fictions. Amazon accepts fixed-layout formats such as reference books, kids’ books, and comic books. Fixed layout Ebooks are  accepted by stores such as Playster, E-sentral, Google, Apple, Scribd, etc.

Do Reflowable eBooks have Limitations?

Yes, reflowable Ebook formats come with their own set of limitations and they are as follows:


Reflowable ebooks cannot manage text that appears in multiple columns.


The screen-size varies from one device to the other  and tables, especially the larger ones, may or may not get displayed properly.


Readers, in major apps, have the privilege to select their preferred fonts. Most of the times, the reader chooses the font instead of the publisher or the author. So you should get a font embedded if you want to exercise stronger control over it.


Even though monochrome devices are becoming obsolete gradually, they are still in use even today. The use of contrasting colors is highly recommended. The reflowing of text surrounding images may not work as per expectations and so pictures should be incorporated between the paragraphs.


This format does not support footnotes, so footnotes need to be converted into endnotes.

Non-Latin Script-based Languages

The epub2 as well as the epub3 standard accept the non-Latin script-based languages.

Top 5 Online PDF to EPUB Converters

Files that are in EPub format cannot be printed directly and so the best option is to get such files converted into the PDF format that will conserve the actual layout and the font. We have listed the top 5 PDF to EPub converter programs that are used frequently:

  1. To EPUB

    This is a free EPUB online conversion program that will let you convert PDF into EPUB and into several other formats as well. You can use this software to convert eBooks into the EPUB format. It works well with eBook readers such as iPad, Sony Reader, iPhone, etc.

  2. Zamzar

    With this software, you can convert documents with multiple formats such as PDF, DOC, EPUB, JPG, etc. While uploading document, you will find buttons on the left side and you can use the same to regulate the outcome format. You can also create watermarks and protect your PDF files through password.

  3. Online Convert

    This is a leading PDF to EPUB online conversion software that is compatible with eBook reader and publisher. It can convert PDF file to EPUB and other formats such as Word .doc, .chm and .txt. It can even convert Html to EPUB. You can use this program to create custom eBook covers, table of contents, layout, etc.

  4. Convertio

    This software can convert PDF to EPub, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, PNG, RTFD, Text, JPG, etc. You can use either batch or partial PDF conversion depending on your requirement. You can convert encrypted PDF files as well. You can get a 200-page PDF file converted to another format in just 1 minute.

  5. Go4Convert

    You can create Ebooks of multiple formats using this software. You can go for batch processing if you want. The software will retain all content such as text, graphics, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and columns in the imported file. You can generate the standard Ebook format that is compatible with eReaders.

Limitations Of Online Converters

Online converters often fail to perform bulk processing. You may need to upload one file at a time to get it converted, which is a very time-consuming process. You cannot control outcome quality if you use these programs. Most resources are free and so they are less efficient. So it is a good idea to hire the services of a reputed EPub conversion company that employs experienced professionals who can handle sophisticated software.

A best epub conversion company in India normally has a huge pool of dedicated professionals skilled in diverse activities related to digital conversion. These services such as quality controllers, proof readers and in-house editor and others.

In a nutshell, you can enjoy unmatched benefits like affordability, flexibility, ease of access and improved reading experience by outsourcing to any of the companies providing ePub conversion services . Just be sure of selecting the most reliable one.